About Hoodstarter

A platform to accelerate innovation with your audience

Hoodstarter is a platform connecting individuals and organizations to accelerate interaction and innovation and bring valuable ideas to life.

Hoodstarter was created to give a voice to the community. The platform was designed to improve community engagement and education outcomes, while driving collaborative ideation and a democratized voting process for recommendations, in order to spur crowdfunding.

Now, Hoodstarter has grown beyond our initial focus on place and space use — as a platform for collaborating and growing ideas, it can be used for any project or topic.

The platform can also be customized for specific needs: Organizations can license Hoodstarter and create unique branded campaigns to engage, educate, and invite ideas from their customers and community.

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How Hoodstarter accelerates innovation

Hear from organizations that have led successful campaigns:

“The Hoodstarter platform enabled us to competitively differentiate our service offerings to three (3) key customers. We were able to help them engage employees and trusted partners in an innovation process around utility management and sustainability practices.”
— Mike Menzel, Owner & President, JIT Energy Services

“We used Hoodstarter to help us more effectively do community engagement on a complex real estate master plan. It removed barriers to participation, while improving the retention of key feasibility factors and providing a transparent process for adopted principles and uses of space and place.”
— Brandon Champeau, SVP Minnesota Market, United Properties

“In response to the COVID-19 crisis, our Chamber began a 'Too Local to Fail' campaign. We used the Hoodstarter platform to communicate with thousands of small to mid-sized businesses; ensuring access to a constant source of key facts and figures, while simultaneously giving them a place to have 'a voice,' stay connected and receive important support mechanisms.”
— Jonathan Weinhagen, CEO & President, Minneapolis Regional Chamber