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Re-opening and preserving social distancing

By kim bartmann

We need to preserve our so-far so-good job of social distancing but still let people feel a sense of freedom to share in community. Dining rooms may not be opening for a time, but patios and outdoor spaces can be wonderful when everyone respects each other's space. Why not let people use restaurant patios -appropriately spaced out- to eat their take-away? How about letting them buy a ticket to a table that's already set with a pre-ordered meal, and leave when they're done? Sanitize between uses. That's one no-contact idea for still being able to experience a restaurant meal. Why not let a family that's already sheltering in place to rent a room pre-set with a meal? Many of us would really like to get our kids out of the house! If allowed, chefs & restaurateurs are creative folks, and they'll come up with ideas that'll work. Let's encourage creativity while still taking care of each other.


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